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Welcome to the LDYBG world

LDYBG is a 100% Made in Italy brand.
We create unique-jewel-accessories carefully handcrafted using exclusively the finest selection of materials.
We believe in the powerful vibe of good energy and we strive to deliver a little thread of our soul in every one of our creations.

The Cashmālā LDYBG

CASHMĀLĀ is a knitwear garment made of the finest Italian cashmere yarns finished with the application of handcrafted cashmere tassels enlightened by Swarovski crystal beads.


CASHMĀLĀ has a unique original design: only one shape carefully conceived to embrace any body shape, personality, style and culture while providing glamour, freedom and comfort.

Raw material

Pure Italian cashmere. Quality of the yarn: Cariaggi 100% cashmere.


Hand-knitted cashmere tassels enlightened by Swarovski crystals.

We are

Giulia Bonsembiante

Giulia Bonsembiante

Creative Director

"When you find a ladybug, remember, it's me, looking after you" my grandmother used to say to me...

Maglieria Maso

Maglieria Maso

Artisan Production

"Our Company is our Family, our Family is our Life."

Family, Friends & You

Family, Friends & You,

Marketing philosophy

The best marketing strategy is the word of mouth.



"I have been so enthusiastic about Cashmālā that I bought it for me and for all my girl friends. Viva Ladybug!!".
Sharon Stone (actress, Usa)

"Traveling a lot I love the idea of having something practical to keep with me, comfortable to wear and at the same time chic and glamour. Cashmālā always follow me: we are inseparable."
Veronica Jonsson (blogger, Sweden)

"A soft protection which dress with style"
Giuditta Guizzetti, YuYu (singer, writer, France&Italy)

"I like LDYBG; it’s soft, colorful and fun. It makes a great present for friends."
Zaha Hadid (Architect, UK)